Brigham City, Utah: A quaint, friendly town well-worth the visit!

Brigham City, Utah A quaint, friendly town well-worth the visit! How my son ended up in Utah is a long story, but I am so grateful he did! During one of my visits in northern Utah, I stumbled upon the charming and picturesque town, Brigham City. Named after, you guessed it, Brigham Young, the small town has a lot to offer to those passing through … Continue reading Brigham City, Utah: A quaint, friendly town well-worth the visit!

Cast Iron Butternut Cobbler

Cast Iron Butternut Cobbler OMG, another butternut squash from the garden! What to do next that isn’t a soup, curry, or roast? I really wanted to do something different and somewhat unconventional with the very last butternut of the summer crop. Lately, with the shockingly bitter cold wind and drizzle clouding out our typical California sunshine, I have been thinking about apple cobbler. Being that … Continue reading Cast Iron Butternut Cobbler

Raised Planter Box Construction

How we made The Raised Planter Box I credit my dad for spurring me on and motivating me to finally start writing and documenting everything happening here at Casa de Las Lomas. Dad was fascinated and curious with all of the pictures I was sending him. He would message back tons of questions about the minutest details of everything he saw from my homemade sangria … Continue reading Raised Planter Box Construction

Arroz con Pollo y Gandules (Rice with Chicken and Gandules)

Arroz con Pollo y Gandules (Rice with Chicken and Gandules) A good sofrito is the heart of Puerto Rican cooking, and rice and beans are the soul. Cooking this dish brings me back to my great grandmother’s kitchen, watching her stir while adding a little of this and a lot of that to the steaming pots on her white porcelain O’Keefe and Meritt stovetop. I spent … Continue reading Arroz con Pollo y Gandules (Rice with Chicken and Gandules)

Southern California Christmas Wreath

Southern California Christmas Wreath Puerto Rican dishes made and warming on the stove, appetizers set out, drinks on ice, music and Christmas lights on and special family members arriving in less than a half hour for a pre-holiday get-together. Seemed like I had it going on when all of a sudden I noticed: I have no Christmas wreath! I have never not had a wreath … Continue reading Southern California Christmas Wreath

Simple Sangria

Simple Sangria The perfect sangria is really up to the palate of the taster. Various wines, fruits, liqueurs, and garnishes could be tossed around together with a splash of soda water, but I have found that the best method of determining a sangria’s ingredients is starting with what’s ripe in your garden. For Father’s Day, I decided to throw together a sweet white sangria with … Continue reading Simple Sangria

Lemon & Orange Infused Vodka

Lemon & Orange Infused Vodka Refreshing and light cocktail base for happy hour at home. Also makes a tasty gift for the hostess. Always convenient to have on hand! Ingredients: one large organic lemon one large organic orange 1 liter of mid grade to great vodka if you’re a connoisseur (I really don’t notice the difference between Kirkland and Grey Goose with this recipe!) 3 … Continue reading Lemon & Orange Infused Vodka

Caster Sugar

Caster Sugar Don’t go crazy trying to locate and buy this stuff! It’s such a cinch to make, and once you know how, you’ll always have it when you need it. Ingredients: White sugar (organic is fine)* Blend as much white sugar as you will need on pulse mode until it becomes like dust. Voila!- caster sugar! Store unused caster sugar in an airtight container … Continue reading Caster Sugar

Jalapeño Mac & Cheese

Jalapeño Mac & Cheese I have made my share of homemade macaroni & cheese with various noodle shapes, cheeses, and garlic olive oil breadcrumbs, but never, in all my experience, had I ever thought of adding jalapeños. It happened during one of the many sultry evenings in the Nica kitchen as I mustered all available ingredients to see what would accompany our chicken barbecue dinner. … Continue reading Jalapeño Mac & Cheese