Beer Cap Ornaments

Beer Cap Ornaments

These bottle caps are not from just any beer, au contraire! Every cap was collected via bona fide IPA or Trappist beer that was delicately sipped, savored, and deeply analyzed for its hop flavors and aromas. If you’re not a beer snob like me, then caps from any beer, or bottle of anything, will do. It’s a matter of some simple tools you probably have laying around the garage, wire, beads, and perhaps a little ingenuity. Save those caps from your favorite brews and see what you come up with!

First, collect your caps!  Then, with a really small drill bit, drill two holes on opposite sides.  Do this on top of something like a piece of wood or thick old magazine.

photo 3

Lay out your caps to determine which ones you want to put together.  Twos and threes work well- not too short or too long.

photo 4

Lay out all of your supplies and go to town!


I used wire for most and 9mm jump rings for others.  What you see is my style- take the info and create your own!


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