Southern California Christmas Wreath

Southern California Christmas Wreath

Puerto Rican dishes made and warming on the stove, appetizers set out, drinks on ice, music and Christmas lights on and special family members arriving in less than a half hour for a pre-holiday get-together. Seemed like I had it going on when all of a sudden I noticed: I have no Christmas wreath! I have never not had a wreath during the holidays, so why did I all of a sudden not have one now?! Especially on our farm’s security gate? That thing needs a wreath all year! Within three seconds of panic mode, I glanced outside at the big citrus trees, hmmm….. That’s when the idea of making a wreath from tangerine branches struck me. A citrus wreath,. ¿Por Que No? And in less than 30 minutes!

So let me ask you this:  Couldn’t you make a wreath from just about anything growing in your yard?  String, ribbon, twine, wire, zip ties, etc. could bring just about anything together for some sort of wreath and it would be one of a kind!

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