Brigham City, Utah: A quaint, friendly town well-worth the visit!

Brigham City, Utah

A quaint, friendly town well-worth the visit!

How my son ended up in Utah is a long story, but I am so grateful he did! During one of my visits in northern Utah, I stumbled upon the charming and picturesque town, Brigham City. Named after, you guessed it, Brigham Young, the small town has a lot to offer to those passing through the area. It is located just 45 minutes north of Salt Lake City, and lies between the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge and the scenically imposing Wellsville Mountains off the Wasatch Range. It is definitely worth checking out if you are interested in getting off the beaten track for a quick peaceful retreat in a good ol’ fashioned homey kind of town.

Where to Stay:

Hands down, the Crystal Inn Hotel & Suites is the place to stay. At an affordable rate, guest rooms are comfortable, clean, and include a microwave, fridge, and living room area. Hot complimentary breakfast is served every morning and amenities include an indoor pool and small gym complete with a treadmill and elliptical machine no one is ever using. The staff here, like everyone I have met in the town so far, is very friendly and attentive.  Crystal Inn Hotel & Suites is located at 480 Westland Dr., Brigham City, 84301. Their phone number is (435) 723-0440. Find them online at:

View from 2nd story hotel suite.

Where to eat:

For breakfast or lunch, The Old Grist Mill is the best place in town! Fresh breads and delectable pastries and cookies are made here daily. The Old Grist Mill offers everything from soups and sandwiches to bagels, cinnamon rolls, loaves of bread to go, and jams and honey from a local farm. It is also located right across the street from the Crystal Inn Hotel & Suites.  The Old Grist Mill is located at 750 W. 1075 S., Brigham City, 84302.  Their phone number is (435) 723-6228. Find them online at:

photo 1


You haven’t been to a genuine steakhouse in the state of Utah unless you have dined at Maddox Ranch House. Not only are their warm, soft, fluffy rolls, raspberry butter, and sassafras sodas to die for, their steaks are juicy, huge, and tender, and the atmosphere is friendly and cozy. Maddox Ranch House feels like home except the food probably tastes even better! The menu has choices from beef and locally raised bison, to fried chicken, turkey fried steak, seafood, and salad. There is even a vegetarian steak on the menu! Your visit anywhere near this area would not be complete without stopping at Maddox Ranch House, but be forewarned, they are closed on Sundays and Mondays.  Maddox Ranch House is located at 1900 S. Highway 89, Perry, 84302. Their phone number is (435) 723-8545 or (800) 544-5475. They take reservations. Find them online at:


Famous Maddox Ranch House landmark.
Jim Shupe entertaining the multitude of guests in the Maddox waiting lounge.


Got a sweet tooth? No problem. Idle Isle on Main Street will cure it fast. And if you are like me, and don’t care much for sweets, Idle Isle’s almond crème toffee will change your life forever! But be careful, their toffees are addicting! I discovered the cute antiquated candy storefront while exploring downtown Brigham City. The hand dipped chocolates and colorful sugar glass lollipops lured me in for a peek past the square paned window. When I saw a crowd of locals inside, where I had hardly run into one person while walking up and down the street, I knew this place was something special.  Idle Isle is located at 41 South Main, Brigham City, UT, 84302.  Their phone number is (435) 723-8003. Find them online at:

photo 2
Toffee brittle and almond creme toffee balls.

Local sights:

Main Street, historic downtown Brigham City, consists of a few blocks of mom and pop gift stores, small businesses such as print shops and mercantile, a little theater, government buildings, and churches. As you stroll from one end to the other, you will see original architecture from the 1800’s such as the majestic Box Elder LDS Tabernacle, Box Elder County Courthouse, City Hall, Fire Station, and Co-op Store building.   My two favorite sightings on Main Street are the Brigham City Archway Sign and the Idle Isle Candy shop window displaying old-fashioned brittles, fudge, lollipops, and candied popcorn. There is much more to see outside of Main Street, and you can begin and end your self-guided tour within a day.  Visit Brigham City’s website at:

Brigham City Archway Sign with the Wellsville Mountains in the backdrop.
View of shops on Main Street.  The square paned windowed shop is Idle Isle Candy and beyond you can see the Capitol theater.
Brigham City County Courthouse from Forest Street


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