Limoncello Sunshine

Our lemon trees are constantly producing lemons, so keeping up with harvesting them to make lemonade, add to dishes, use as an astringent, etc., is a never ending chore- especially for one like me, who can’t stand to see anything go to waste. Naturally, the next lemon endeavor would have something to do with alcohol: Limoncello! Limoncello is a favorite Italian digestivo originating in the … Continue reading Limoncello Sunshine


I’ve had blueberries on my mind ever since last August’s trip to Alaska. My yearly summer tradition in the Last Frontier is alpine blueberry picking. Above the tundra, off the ATV paths, on the island meadows, and beneath the rainforest trees, blueberries grow abundantly near and around Anchorage during the warmer months. Picking blueberries is a favorite summer pastime for Alaskans and visitors alike. While … Continue reading Blueberrrrieees!

Ode to Our Purple of Romagna Artichokes

After waiting months and months for the prehistoric thistles to produce fruit, our purple artichokes of Romagna are finally in full bloom. When we harvested our first artichokes for dinner, we swore they were the best we had ever tasted!  Yet another vegetable I’ll never buy from the store again or want to order at a restaurant! The purple of Romagna artichoke is round, flavorful, … Continue reading Ode to Our Purple of Romagna Artichokes

First Spring Harvest Meal

The best part of gardening is eating the fruits of your labor! Spring harvest is beginning and today we had our first complete farm to table meal! On the menu: fresh beets, beet greens, lettuce, spinach, avocados, artichokes, and grapefruits. Simply prepared… Beet Smoothie Combine in a blender: One peeled and chopped beet ¾ chunk of fresh, peeled, chopped ginger A handful of spinach About … Continue reading First Spring Harvest Meal