Two Day Tripping: Masaya, Nicaragua

My first Nicaraguan adventure began in Masaya, “The City of the Flowers”, a little less than an hour from the capital, Managua. This town was the perfect stop en route to our final destination, a rugged seaside village a few hours away. In Masaya, I was able to have a couple of days to ease into the new environment, language, and culture, before being immersed … Continue reading Two Day Tripping: Masaya, Nicaragua

Sewing Takes Grit

Sewing is definitely not for the faint at heart. It takes perseverance, ingenuity, and true grit- especially for someone who doesn’t know what the heck they’re doing. For Christmas, I was gifted a sewing machine to make all of the things I’ve been wanting to make, such as curtains for the dining room and kitchen. I’ve sewn in the past, like decades ago, when I … Continue reading Sewing Takes Grit

Ditching TV

I grew up in the world of Mash, Land of the Lost, The Brady Bunch, and Gilligan’s Island– always identifying with the intelligent, reasonable Mary Ann, despite being Ginger (name reference only!). My old television re-runs were shows like Sally Field’s Gidget, I Love Lucy, The Twilight Zone, I Dream of Jeannie, and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. On the verge of adolescence, I was glued to … Continue reading Ditching TV

Green Globe Artichokes

Lusciously round hearty green globe artichokes- oh man, my mouth is already watering! We started our seeds about a year ago, and after eight long months, perched above silvery tinted green leaves and thick stalks, solid fleshy buds began to appear. First one, than another, and after awhile, an explosion of tasty chokes! The green globes are generally bright green all around or have a … Continue reading Green Globe Artichokes

Homemade Aphid (or any soft shell bug) Spray

Homemade Aphid (or any soft shell bug) Spray Our artichoke plants are often under aphid attack and mealybugs love our grapefruits. The ladybug troops are in need of reinforcement and we have an interest in the land and its natural resources- especially after all the effort in carefully producing from seed and container! With the help of Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile soap and an industrial spraying … Continue reading Homemade Aphid (or any soft shell bug) Spray

Zesting Citrus 101

Sweet Zesting From limoncello to teriyaki sauces and cupcakes, citrus zests enhance the quality of the flavor and texture when used in recipes. Zesting your citrus is worth the effort to delight your tastebuds, however, overzealous zesting can make your tongue sting and lips pucker. The first rule of zesting: avoid the pith! Citrus pith is the white spongy tissue lining the skin of the … Continue reading Zesting Citrus 101

Beet Sorbet

Beet Sorbet:  New summery favorite! The weather is beginning to warm up and our garden beds are stocked with several varieties of rich sweet beets. After using them mostly for juicing, roasting, and sautéing, it’s time to turn the beet around: sorbet! Ingredients: 2 medium sized beets (I used our Dark Red Detroit Beets) 2 cups water 1 cup organic sugar ¼ cup fresh squeezed … Continue reading Beet Sorbet