Growing carrots in Southern Californian is pretty easy and seeds can be sown almost year round, especially during spring. Carrots are not only a tasty addition to most recipes, their seeds are top sown and can be sprinkled on the soil as they are pulled out in order to maintain harvest over many months. We grow two types of rich, flavorful carrots in our garden:


Chantenay Red Core Carrot

These orange carrots with a reddish center are hardy, sweet, and grow easily. Introduced from France in the late 1800’s, they average 5 ½ inches long with about a 2 ½ inch base, and have rounded or semi-pointy ends. Being very versatile, they are perfect for eating raw, juicing, and cooking. This is definitely a go-to carrot for all eating purposes!


Pusa Asita Black Carrot

The Pusa Asita is a hybrid variety from India that is such a deep rich dark purple that it is almost black in color. It is packed with nutrients and anthocyanins, which are known for having antioxidant effects. The flavor is earthy and slightly sweet. I don’t particularly like eating this vitamin rich carrot raw, but I think it’s perfect for juicing with fruits and other vegetables. There’s never a dull moment when pulling one of these out of the ground, since most are long, crooked, pointy, and hairy with about a 3 inch base, while some may have multiple roots. Like the Chantenay carrot, the Pusa Asita is easy to grow and maintain. Being robust and highly nutritious, they’re definitely worth having in the garden and incorporating into a regular diet.


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