In the Moment: Lomas Garden

This afternoon I write in our garden- often, my sanctuary. Living on a half acre agricultural lot in Lomita is quite a unique experience. In the garden, enclosed by an orchard of every stone fruit, citrus, avocado, and apple variety one could imagine, there is this quiet sense of being out in the country rather than down the street from a dilapidated trailer park, just blocks away from Highway 1. The traffic is one with the blowing wind rustling the leaves in the bamboo, mature avocado trees, and towering eucalyptus. Every now and then, the whizzing of a Cessna or crackling of a helicopter breaks the solitude, but it is no intrusion. I gaze above with a bit of excitement and curiosity as to what type of craft it is, and judging from the style and steadiness, predict whether or not the pilot will have a smooth landing. Ants crawl along 2’x6’ wood edges of a raised garden bed, lady bugs flutter from weed to weed, and the purple of Romagna artichokes are popping their crowns above the thistly leaves. I wonder if the lettuce is ready to eat. R told me the plants will get taller, but I don’t know how much more patience I have. The several varieties of beets and carrots are coming up nicely and the rectangular box is full. The spinach is richly green and everywhere. The hardy young kales and purple cauliflower plants seem to be thriving. Even though the cucumber transplants seem fragile, they are withstanding the cold wind we have been having lately. Sweet gentlemen’s corn sprouts are reaching towards the sun above the mulch and grow taller by the day. The bush beans, however, are not faring as well. I planted them a bit early, and a week after we had a few nights that hit 40°F. Since then, they have yellowed, but they are standing tall and fighting back- so I believe.

The blaring cry of an ambulance succeeds in breaking the peace for a moment. We do get those every so often in Lomita. Driving in and out of our quiet, neighbor friendly cul-de-sac can be interesting, depending on who or what’s out and about. But in this quiet sanctuary, with bright blue scrub jays chirping, a homemade wooden bench to type on, and bananas to snack on straight from the banana tree, I’m in my humble state of bliss.


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