Running for Life


Eleven years ago, after just having gotten back into running after a long hiatus, I was at a point in my life where I needed something more. I was troubled, everything in my life was upside down and I was always on the verge of panic attacks. I felt stuck, and running was a healthier alternative to antidepressants. Running also gave me the physical sensation of stepping outside of my world, regrouping, and focusing on the bigger picture, my overall health and well-being. After a year of running a few miles almost daily, I felt like I needed something bigger, a culminating activity, something to really push me, a sense of greater accomplishment, and something that was all my own. In the back seat of a car, while being driven down Santa Monica Blvd., I noticed signs for the L.A. Marathon protruding from the tops of streetlight poles. Immediately, I knew then and there, the XX L.A. Marathon would be my first.

Some people do it to relieve stress, anxiety, or gain a feeling of liberation. Some people do it to gather their thoughts, use it as a time of self -reflection, analyze others and situations, or formulate solutions to problems. Some people do it in a social group, competitively, to lose weight, or treat some sort of psychosis. Call it a healthy habit or another form of disease; there are obviously many reasons why runners do what they do. Running for me is my salvation, and although it can be very hard on the human body, I am striving to run for life.


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