Homemade Juicy Juice: Juicers 101

Sure, I juice! I juice everyday. For me, it’s not a fad, or jumping on some sort of band wagon. I’m not consciously detoxing and cleansing. I’m not a vegetarian or vegan. And I’m certainly not on a diet. Oh, contrary to the opinions of many ads out there, a glass of pure fresh fruit and veggie juice is definitely NOT a meal. Juicing provides … Continue reading Homemade Juicy Juice: Juicers 101

The Lemon Torte Classic

Now that we have a working oven, I’ll be baking up a storm with this production we’ve got going on out back! This is great news for all my friends and family out there, otherwise known as willing guinea pigs. I love harvesting, cooking, pickling, baking, and tasting, but my true enjoyment comes from sharing all of these goodies and gathering thoughts and opinions. This … Continue reading The Lemon Torte Classic

Easy Vegetable Tempura

The fact that we grow and eat our own vegetables doesn’t necessarily mean we’re always eating them roasted, mashed, steamed, grilled, raw, or drinking them juiced- in other words, “healthy” methods. We like them fried too! That’s right, I said it: FRIED. Yep, in oil, even. Stir fried, sautéed, and almost deep fried- in batter! Our favorite fried method: Tempura! Ingredients: 1 cup of flour … Continue reading Easy Vegetable Tempura

Yoga is to Running as Beer is to Coffee

Yoga and running compliment each other like coffee and beer…bear with me here. I began practicing yoga regularly about a year ago, after acquiring yet another running injury- so cliché! I had plantar fasciitis, a pulled tendon under the arch of my foot, that couldn’t be ignored it and run off like all my other injuries. Every morning, I would hobble out the bedroom door … Continue reading Yoga is to Running as Beer is to Coffee

Summer Squash Soft Tortillas (GF)

With 1 to 3 pound zucchini and Tondo Scura di Piacenza squashes ready for harvest, I am thinking of more creative ways to use these big boys rather than just cutting up and freezing. Since I often serve warm corn tortillas on the side of my spicy dishes, why not try soft squash ones as a healthy alternative? Try my recipe for baked, gluten-free, squash … Continue reading Summer Squash Soft Tortillas (GF)

Homemade Weed Control

Although this homemade weed killer consists of simple ingredients found around the house, it is potent.  I use this mainly for killing weeds in driveway and sidewalk cracks, away from our plants and trees.  Avoid spraying on or near anything you want to keep alive, including run off areas. 3 Simple Ingredients: 1 gallon white vinegar 1 cup salt 1 tbsp dish soap In a … Continue reading Homemade Weed Control

White Powdery Mildew: Success Story!

Being a fan of summer squashes, I was looking forward to producing an abundance of huge Zucchini Fordhook Squash from seed. After transplanting the zucchini from a pot to the garden bed, it immediately began growing its bright green tubular stems, broad leaves, and yellow blooms. Everything seemed to be going well, until one day, I noticed signs of trouble. White blotches appeared all over the … Continue reading White Powdery Mildew: Success Story!

Tondo Scura di Piacenza Squash

The Tondo Scura di Piacenza is a zucchini like summer squash which grows upright in semi-bush form.  The squash is ball shaped and grows in clusters, like coconuts, each weighing about 1-3 pounds.  We purchased our heirloom seeds from Baker Creek and started the plants indoors.  They reach maturity at about 60 days and the plant can grow up to 3ft in height.  Tondos are … Continue reading Tondo Scura di Piacenza Squash

Tondo Squash Fritters

The hubbard and butternut foliating sky rises are taking over squash city, but similar to historical society protected real estate, the Tondos are standing their ground. The Tondo Scura di Piacenza is a huge round summer squash growing in coconut like clusters in the center of tubular stems, which extend large leaves protected with fine spiky hairs. Tondos are are an ideal variety for the … Continue reading Tondo Squash Fritters