Celebrating National Beet Day!

Summer means many things to many different people. For us, it’s become the ultimate endless farming, and today was the kick off to an epic summer harvest. Friday, July 8th, 2016, marks the first annual National Beet Day here at Lomita Farm, and what a day it was! It began as a fun filled morning of harvesting that ran into the late afternoon. There were beet games, beet excitement, beet world-class records beaten, and a beet bake off. We had a nice turn out of three whole people (well, one thinks he’s a person), including an out of town visitor all the way from south Torrance. An exciting day indeed!


The morning began with pulling out massive surfacing beets in various shapes and generally large sizes.   Fun filled activities included lining up the red and purple beta vulgari and playing Name That Beet. Hmmm….which variety is it?:

  1. Tender, buttery, cylindrical Beet Cylindra
  2. Popular, sweet, round Detroit Dark Red Beet
  3. Beet Fuer Kugel, the concentric beauty
  4. Luscious, smooth Beet Shiraz Tall Top
All beets grown from seeds purchased at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

A game of strength enticed the competitive athletic type. Divide and Conquer challenged the participant to ripping the beet greens from each beet (to save for later of course!), and carry the massive crate of roots an entire half-acre before melting under the beating sun.


This was only the first leg of Divide and Conquer. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and possibly, 5th, legs happened to be in the house kitchen. The game also required skill, dexterity, ingenuity, and most of all, endurance. The 2nd segment included a feat of deciding which beets to skin and chop or slice, and which ones to keep raw. Those needing to be skinned were swiftly and carefully boil steamed, and those staying raw were washed, scrubbed, and sliced down to juicer sizes. Scalding hot beets were skinned under cold running water and cut up for the next leg: vacuum sealing.

Just as the beets were losing their steam, our special guest arrived to motivate and cheer on the athletes (athlete, actually). The FoodSaver roll, sharpie, and scissors were paraded out for the Vacuum Sealing portion of Divide and Conquer. In the end, our athletes (athlete) prevailed and the “mini FoodSaver that could” earned the world record title for Most Beets Vacuum Sealed in a Day Ever.


Scout, the courageous lab, took on the most thrilling game of the day: Find the Beet.   With his enthusiasm, quick thinking, and keen senses, Scout won first place in the challenge!

Click here to view the festive game:  

After an action packed, non-stop day of merriment and excitement, the afternoon unwound with an Off the Beeten Path Bread bake off. A warm, curious loaf of red tinted mound was presented to all who joined in our National Beet Day- Scout and I sure did enjoy sharing our piece and our accomplishments.


Thank goodness for the rum in that recipe- I’m beet!



One thought on “Celebrating National Beet Day!

  1. Hello! I was so happy to see this post about NATIONAL BEET DAY! I am a big fan of beets and every #BeetTuesday I publish a different beet recipe! I am super excited that NATIONAL BEET DAY is coming up soon!


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