Friends Don’t Let Friends Try Beet Burgers Alone

Today, my best friend since 2nd grade came over for a lunch visit, and since National Beet Day has officially turned into National Beet Weekend, I served beet burgers. Despite the heinous blood red rooty patty images one might imagine, these burgers turned out quite well. They’re different, tasty with a smoky flavor, beautifully colored and textured, and for anyone who’s ever had a vegetarian burger, these won’t be shocking.

I served the beet burgers on mini buns with a side of dijon mustard and homemade refrigerated, vinegary sweet pickles as a relish. I ventured a little fresh pesto on a bite, which surprisingly worked pretty well also. Later, I thought about trying these with roasted red bell peppers, fresh jalapeños, vegan cheese, slices of cherry tomatoes, watercress, ribboned zucchini, purple cauliflower mash, sautéed tropeana lunga onions…the list goes on.  These vegan sliders can be spiced up in an endless number of ways!

The recipe I used is found in the link shared below. My suggestions, however, is to add double the amount (or more!) of smoked paprika, cumin, and chili powder. DO add worcestershire sauce. Otherwise, these rooty burgers came out great. I’ll definitely be conducting beet burger experiments in the future and will post when I have discovered my own recipe to my liking!

Oh, and my BFF did thoroughly enjoy her lunch!

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