Simple Flatbread for the Gluten Free!

When it comes to fresh warm flatbread, I’m always left flat out. In my experience, it’s either made with gluten-ridden flour or slathered with rich cheeses. Neither of which my system will tolerate- unfortunately, I was one of those born to be dairy and gluten free. I decided to take matters into my own hands and start making my own flatbread, only once in a … Continue reading Simple Flatbread for the Gluten Free!

Homemade Hummus

How do you Hummus? The beauty of making your own hummus is having the creativity to explore your taste buds. You can add any ingredients your heart desires to the simple base: garbanzo beans, tahini, lemon, garlic, olive oil, salt, paprika. Add twice as many garlic cloves (or more) and call it Garlic Hummus. Add fresh minced basil leaves, crushed pine nuts, freshly grated pecorino … Continue reading Homemade Hummus

Lomita Farm’s Crop Rotation Plan & Planting Tips

 Whether you have a farm or small garden, crop planning and rotation is essential to successful growing. Planting Tips: Know your vegetable families. Only vegetables within the same family should be planted together in a plot or bed. For example, chiles and tomatoes may be planted together, but beets and chiles should not. Also, in a crop rotation, a vegetable family should only be planted … Continue reading Lomita Farm’s Crop Rotation Plan & Planting Tips

Fall/Winter Crops 2016: Sneak Peek!

The soil has been revitalized with nutrients, compost, and fertilizer (E.B. Stone Organics All Purpose Plant Food 5-5-5).  Crop rotation is in motion.  The seeds are ready to go.  It’s time! Beets: Cylindra Detroit Dark Red Fuer Kugel Shiraz Tall Top   Broccoli: Calabrese Green Sprouting Waltham   Cabbage: Brunswick Cabbage Cabbage Nero di Toscana   Carrots: Chantenay Red Core Kuroda Long 8in   Cauliflower: … Continue reading Fall/Winter Crops 2016: Sneak Peek!

Kale Chips- Get Creative!

When it comes to kale chip dressing recipes, create your own! Kale grows well, really well, on our urban farm, and we grow lots of it. My two favorite varieties are the ragged jack and the dwarf Siberian, both heirlooms. The ragged jack has tender leaves that span out from purple tinted stems. The dwarf Siberian leaves are frilly, flavorful, and make a beautiful looking … Continue reading Kale Chips- Get Creative!

The Good Life

We live a rather simple and modest life, I think. We drive jalopies, tend to our vegetables, mend and fix up everything ourselves, and would much prefer a backyard BBQ to a fancy gourmet gastro pub. For southern Californians, we’re too in tuned with the seasons- harvesting fall crops, spending warm summer afternoons in our garden chairs after a long day, sipping stouts in front … Continue reading The Good Life