May 20th, 2nd Chance Lomita Farm Potted Plant Yard Sale! 9-11AM

Below is a list of  what we’ve got growing- most of which will be available for our 4” potted plant sale! Place: Lomita Farm (Contact me below for address details, or PM me via Facebook or Insta @lomitafarm) Day: Saturday, May 20th Time:  9am-11am Prices:  $2-$3 Artichokes Green Globe Purple of Romagna Chile Peppers Ajvarski Big Jim Carolina Reaper Chimayo Craig’s Grande jalapeño Fatalii Hatch Green … Continue reading May 20th, 2nd Chance Lomita Farm Potted Plant Yard Sale! 9-11AM

Seed Starter & Potting Mix Recipes

Seed Starter Mix Recipe We started making our own seed starting mix considering that the small 1.5 cubic bag of organic mix costs $8. Making your own seed starting mix is easy, cost effective, and minimizes the hassle of running out and having to buy more. Try out our recipe- it works for us! Seed Starter Mix Ingredients 2 parts peat moss 1 part perlite … Continue reading Seed Starter & Potting Mix Recipes

Jammin’ Shortbread Cookies

This is an easy recipe for using some of that homemade jar of heaven you might have been saving in the cupboard. I still have jars of my Orange Chile Marmalade, apple & mint jelly, and fig preserves that I canned last year! You can fill these cookies with all sorts of jams, jellies, preserves, or marmalades.  Be bold, have fun, and try something new! … Continue reading Jammin’ Shortbread Cookies

Lomita Farm Potted Plant List

Our seedlings are going off!  Below is a complete list of our potted plants grown from seeds.  A lot of these we’ll keep, and the rest we’ll be selling at our open house.  Also, check out Grangetto’s Southern California Planting Guide for successful timing. SNEAK PEEK! Here’s what we’ve got growing for our 4” potted plant sale! Place: Lomita Farm  Time: In 2-3 weeks! Artichokes … Continue reading Lomita Farm Potted Plant List

2017 Lomita Farm Spring Crop Plans

Here’s the spring layout for our planting beds this year.  Remember, artichokes are perennials, so plan on them staying in a chosen spot for about five years (if they’re healthy and thriving).  Bush beans, snap peas, corn, garlic, and root veggies (radishes, carrots, onions, chives) are directly sown in the beds while everything else is started in containers in our small green house. The soil is a … Continue reading 2017 Lomita Farm Spring Crop Plans

Pink Lemondoodles

The Pink Lemondoodle is a beautiful mouthwatering cookie made with our Eureka lemon zest and dyed with our beet simple syrup. Since we harvest a whole lot of nutritious beets throughout the year, it’s always fun, yet challenging, creating new recipes. When our lemon trees started producing ripe fruits, I wondered how I could combine them with beets to make something pretty and sweet. Pink lemonade … Continue reading Pink Lemondoodles

Beet-Dyed Easter Eggs

Easy, natural, organic, bug free, and no #40. This simple and nutrient packed pink-to-red food coloring is fun to make and completely safe. It’s beet dye! All you need is a few large beets, some white vinegar – and hardboiled eggs, of course! Juicing Method 3-10 beets. This depends on how many eggs you want to dye. 1 Tbsp white vinegar for every cup of … Continue reading Beet-Dyed Easter Eggs