Organic Compost Tea & BioChar


Serendipity…that’s what I called the timing of meeting up with an old high school friend who happens to be a sales rep for Earthworm Organics- Vermigrow.   He knew we’d be getting ready for spring planting soon and offered to bring over some of his company’s compost tea and bio char.

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At the time, I was concerned about our perennial artichokes since it was nearing fruiting time, and not one little choke was yet visible.  A week or so after drenching the soil in compost tea, we spied one little artichoke, than another, and another, and now every plant has clusters of fist-sized fruits.   Was it coincidence or compost tea? This all-natural super concoction is definitely worth trying on our other crops in order to find out!


Vermigrow’s Compost Tea is uniquely comprised of earthworm castings. These earthworms devour healthy organic matter and soil microbes, and then excrete castings. The organic matter undergoes a thermophillic pre-compost process before it is fed to the earthworms. This means that the compost is heated up to high temperatures in order to kill any pathogens or other unwanted material prior to becoming earthworm food. The aerobic process of creating compost tea results in a concentrated super mixture of natural earthworm growth hormones, vitamins, healthy bacteria, and other plant growth factors.  The compost tea has a simple mixing ratio (1:10, tea to filtered water) and can be irrigated, dribbled, or sprayed into the soil when planting or as a plant amendment.

Bio char is a charcoal produced from plant matter- like the burned charcoal covering the ground after a forest fire. This charcoal holds carbon (forever it seems!) and adds nutrients to crops resulting in a healthier and larger yield. For widespread agricultural areas, using bio char is much better for the environment in that far less fertilizer is needed, and more carbon dioxide is trapped in the ground rather than being released into the air. Bio char retains carbon, which is a plant boost, as well as traps nutrients and organic compost matter. Our friend advised us to use his Earthworm Organics’ Liquid BioChar with Myco (also 1:10) during planting, so I doused our carrot and beet seed rows with it as a test. I can’t wait to see the results!

For more information on compost tea and bio char, visit:

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If you are interested in purchasing Earthworm Organics-Vermigrow products, contact VP sales and marketing representative, Brent Mcaleer.

Phone: (760) 863-1950 Office (310) 408-7717 Cell


Brent is extremely knowledgeable and committed to helping things grow.

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