2017 Lomita Farm Spring Crop Plans

Here’s the spring layout for our planting beds this year.  Remember, artichokes are perennials, so plan on them staying in a chosen spot for about five years (if they’re healthy and thriving).  Bush beans, snap peas, corn, garlic, and root veggies (radishes, carrots, onions, chives) are directly sown in the beds while everything else is started in containers in our small green house.

The soil is a mixture of dirt and rich compost which fills the beds to the top.  We add two cups (one cup for 4×4 beds) of EB Stone Organic Plant Food as fertilizer, mix thoroughly and evenly into the soil, and wet the soil well before planting.

Remember to keep your soil moist for germination.  Even if your beds are on a drip system, it’s a good idea to shower them down as well until plants begin sprouting.

For more information on what and when seeds should be sown and plants should be transplanted in Southern California, visit:  Grangetto’s Veggie Planting Guide.

SPRING 2017_condensed

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