Blue Hokkaido Squash (Blue Kuri)


The Blue Hokkaido Squash, also known as the Blue Kuri, is a beautiful Japanese Kabocha type squash with its bluish hue, and flattened, lightly ribbed globes. Our largest kuris have been almost 10 pounds with a diameter just shy of a foot. An average kuri weighs in between 3-5 pounds.   They are prolific producers with running vines. The orange flesh is thick, hearty, and very sweet making it ideal for main courses and desserts. The way we eat our kuris reminds me of spit-roasted al pastor, in that we keep shaving chunks off at a time. A humungous kuri goes a long way!


We used our last one for chocolate chip squash bars, cookies, barbeque chicken boats, tempura, pureed scoops for our dog, and we still had some left over!   Because of its long storage capability, this Japanese variety may also be admired on the counter for a while before being eaten.

If you love winter squash, have room for a vine runner, and want to try growing your own, Blue Kuri is the way to go!


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