Sweet Raw Power Balls- V, GF

Forget those pricey, sugary, processed, and often unhealthy granola, protein, or otherwise labeled as, energy bars. It’s easy, cost effective, and way healthier to make your own! Whether it’s an after meal sweet, a before and after workout energizer, or just a light “pick-me-up” during the day to keep up the activities with a smile, these savory wholesome nuggets are sure to satisfy. Ingredients: 2 … Continue reading Sweet Raw Power Balls- V, GF

My Nicaragua

Living dual lives in parallel universes calls for a flexible lifestyle and mesh of madness. I love my friends, freedoms, and simple, natural luxuries that exist in both countries. I’ll trade in my tempeh and variety of organic homegrown fruits and veggies for gallo pinto, Ranchitos, and tropical fruits- for weeks, and even months if needed. In one place, it’s the freedom to jump in … Continue reading My Nicaragua

The Red Warty Thing

Naturally, you’re probably thinking, “Whatever that is, I don’t want it!” Contrary to what it sounds like, it isn’t a fictional monster, heinous carbuncle, or STD. It is a fabulous pumpkin that was originally introduced as the Victor Squash by Victorby James J.H. Gregory of Marblehead, MA in 1897. It was a hybrid between an ordinary pumpkin and a red hubbard squash. This old heirloom … Continue reading The Red Warty Thing