SoCal Planting Guides

A few teeny tiny tomatoes?  Unimpressive shrively winter squash?  One or two spindly sprigs of kale?  Hmmm….sounds like you may have bought veggie plants too early, or planted seeds at the wrong time.  Unless you have a high tech growing facility, Mother Nature isn’t easily fooled.  For a successful harvest, start your seeds and plant out doors when the time is right for our SoCal Zone 10 area.  Also, when buying berries and fruit trees, remember to look for varieties that require low chill hours- 100 to 300 is ideal.  Just because the Armstrong or Home Depot near you carries fruit trees doesn’t mean they are right for this area.  The research is up to you!

Here are some great planting guide resources with easy to follow month-by-month layouts:

LA Garden Blog  I love the LA Garden Blog.  This is my go-to resource for all things gardening.  A lot of great advice and know how.

Vegetable Planting Guide  This is an awesome color coded chart from Grangettos Farm & Garden Supply.  We keep copies posted on our fridge and in the garden shed.


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