French Door Wall Decor- DYI Idea!


Leave it to our good friend Leonard to challenge our creativity by dropping off a couple of old, discarded French doors he scored at a construction site.  He’s always thinking of us, bringing odds and ends from here and there, stoked to see what sort of ingenuity we can conjure up and assess whether or not it’s on par with his own.  I’m proud to say that Leonard got a kick out of what we did with one of the doors- a vintage, rustic, Baja themed shelf piece with multiple paned window frames.

Originally, the door had 10 glass rectangles.  We had to cut it down to size in order to fit on the wall we had intended it for.  Using a table saw and wood glue, we fitted the cut side with a piece of the door’s salvaged wood, added a little paint at the seam, and lightly sanded the whole thing with an orbital sander.  We glued a narrow shelf at the bottom and screwed in the door’s hinges underneath, just for detail’s sake.  We even left the little latch and door knob holes in the corner, because, why not?  Each window pane serves as a frame for our Baja stories and the shelf showcases some of the pretty little treasures from our travels.  Recycle, reuse, DIY, enjoy!

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