Sunscald on Tomatoes- Aaagh!


When tomato fruits are exposed to direct sun in really hot weather, they are susceptible to sunscald. Sunscald is more apparent on plants with sparse foliage or those that have lost foliage due to disease. The leaves on many of our plants in “Tomato Land” contracted a fungus that was easily rid of, but caused a lot of foliage to shrivel up, exposing our much prized heirlooms to relentless record heat and sun. Sunscald causes iridescent blemishes, blanched skin, and tasteless fruit. One way to prevent further sunscald is by putting up a temporary shade such as the patio screen you see here. For future planting, we plan on planting tomato rows a little bit closer for more foliage coverage and put up shading at the start of an extreme heat wave.  The tomato plants are quickly recovering and the fruit harvest is back up to our high expectations.  Happy gardening!


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