Simple Macrame Wreath Tutorial

I’m a total novice when it comes to macramé, so this tutorial might be the easiest project to start with. Plus, the outcome will be beautiful and useable- I mean, who doesn’t need another wreath? Your wreath can be any size, but I’d recommend something between 9-16 inches in diameter. You can use any type of rope to macramé with, including yarn, but be aware … Continue reading Simple Macrame Wreath Tutorial

French Door Wall Decor- DYI Idea!

Leave it to our good friend Leonard to challenge our creativity by dropping off a couple of old, discarded French doors he scored at a construction site.  He’s always thinking of us, bringing odds and ends from here and there, stoked to see what sort of ingenuity we can conjure up and assess whether or not it’s on par with his own.  I’m proud to … Continue reading French Door Wall Decor- DYI Idea!

Beet-Dyed Easter Eggs

Easy, natural, organic, bug free, and no #40. This simple and nutrient packed pink-to-red food coloring is fun to make and completely safe. It’s beet dye! All you need is a few large beets, some white vinegar – and hardboiled eggs, of course! Juicing Method 3-10 beets. This depends on how many eggs you want to dye. 1 Tbsp white vinegar for every cup of … Continue reading Beet-Dyed Easter Eggs

Sewing Takes Grit

Sewing is definitely not for the faint at heart. It takes perseverance, ingenuity, and true grit- especially for someone who doesn’t know what the heck they’re doing. For Christmas, I was gifted a sewing machine to make all of the things I’ve been wanting to make, such as curtains for the dining room and kitchen. I’ve sewn in the past, like decades ago, when I … Continue reading Sewing Takes Grit

Cactus & Succulent Ladder Garden

Ever since collecting a variety of tiny potted cacti and succulents at the Golden West College swap meet, we’ve been on the prowl for old ladders, odd wrought iron structures, and toilet étagères (French word for fancy toilet shelf units) to display them on.  We’ve missed some treasures on the side of the road due to sheer hesitation, but we’ve also had some lucky finds at the flea market.  In order … Continue reading Cactus & Succulent Ladder Garden

Valentine’s Hearts Window Decorations

Valentine’s Hearts Window Decorations These simple, festive, and unique Valentine’s Day decorations will liven up your windows so much, you may want to keep them up year round! Here’s an idea for your own heart shaped pendants.  Use colored beads, shells, stones, beer caps, etc. Happy creating! Supplies: Fishing line Needle nose pliers Wire cutter Metal wire Rings Assortment of beads   Continue reading Valentine’s Hearts Window Decorations

Southern California Christmas Wreath

Southern California Christmas Wreath Puerto Rican dishes made and warming on the stove, appetizers set out, drinks on ice, music and Christmas lights on and special family members arriving in less than a half hour for a pre-holiday get-together. Seemed like I had it going on when all of a sudden I noticed: I have no Christmas wreath! I have never not had a wreath … Continue reading Southern California Christmas Wreath