The Red Warty Thing

Naturally, you’re probably thinking, “Whatever that is, I don’t want it!” Contrary to what it sounds like, it isn’t a fictional monster, heinous carbuncle, or STD. It is a fabulous pumpkin that was originally introduced as the Victor Squash by Victorby James J.H. Gregory of Marblehead, MA in 1897. It was a hybrid between an ordinary pumpkin and a red hubbard squash. This old heirloom … Continue reading The Red Warty Thing

Urban Farm Style Zucchini Black Bean Veggie Burgers (GF, V option)

The idea of creating a good veggie burger came from racking my brain over what to do with all the zucchinis that keep popping up. Seriously, we are zuked out! The beauty of making vegan burgers is that there’s somewhat of a formula: protein base, texture, binding, herbs & spices. For my protein base, I wanted to use black beans (because I love them so!), … Continue reading Urban Farm Style Zucchini Black Bean Veggie Burgers (GF, V option)

R’s Beef Jerky Recipes: Spicy Mango & Spicy Teriyaki

R seemed obsessed on finding thinly sliced beef for making jerky.   He was incessantly requesting me to figure out how to get it.  Since I don’t eat beef, or necessarily want it in my dehydrator, I kept blowing him off with a smile and nod. Then one day, we stopped to check out a nearby international grocery store which has all sorts of exciting … Continue reading R’s Beef Jerky Recipes: Spicy Mango & Spicy Teriyaki

Jammin’ Shortbread Cookies

This is an easy recipe for using some of that homemade jar of heaven you might have been saving in the cupboard. I still have jars of my Orange Chile Marmalade, apple & mint jelly, and fig preserves that I canned last year! You can fill these cookies with all sorts of jams, jellies, preserves, or marmalades.  Be bold, have fun, and try something new! … Continue reading Jammin’ Shortbread Cookies

Pink Lemondoodles

The Pink Lemondoodle is a beautiful mouthwatering cookie made with our Eureka lemon zest and dyed with our beet simple syrup. Since we harvest a whole lot of nutritious beets throughout the year, it’s always fun, yet challenging, creating new recipes. When our lemon trees started producing ripe fruits, I wondered how I could combine them with beets to make something pretty and sweet. Pink lemonade … Continue reading Pink Lemondoodles