Devilish GF Vegan Carrot Cake

Devilish GF Vegan Carrot Cake:  Adapted from Mrs. Garret’s Original Carrot Cake served at the Getty Villa, Malibu, CA. Co-hosting a great big 50th wedding anniversary surprise bash is not a job for the lackadaisical tulip tiptoer like myself. It’s an almost, not quite, reconnaissance mission that my mind snaps to and hyper focuses on every detail…well, at least the details I can pay attention … Continue reading Devilish GF Vegan Carrot Cake

Survival & Cooking: My Puerto Rican Legacies

“Don’t eat tortillas. They make you fat!” If my great grandmother knew I loved tortillas and tortilla chips more than tostones, she’d be turning in her grave. I can’t help it, I’m half Mexican! But, my other half is Puerto Rican. America, her name derived from her father, a merchant marine (obviously), was from San Juan, Puerto Rico. A poor country girl with twelve siblings, … Continue reading Survival & Cooking: My Puerto Rican Legacies

Lomita Farm’s 2017 Fall Planting Guide

Below is our fall list and layout for our planting beds this year.  Remember, artichokes are perennials, so plan on them staying in a chosen spot for about five years (if they’re healthy and thriving). Since some of our spring/summer crops are still producing and the rest of our beds are being prepared, we got a head start by sowing most seeds in trays with seed … Continue reading Lomita Farm’s 2017 Fall Planting Guide

Growing Tomatoes with Wild Boar Farms

Brad Gates, tomato expert and owner of Wild Boar Farms, knows everything about breeding and growing tomatoes.  It’s always a pleasure to attend his lively and informative presentations at the National Heirloom Expo.  Below are some valuable takeaways that will help you in becoming a more successful tomato grower! Tips for Planting & Growing Tomatoes When transferring young plants to the ground, bury 1/3 of … Continue reading Growing Tomatoes with Wild Boar Farms

My Sonoma: Beyond the Wine

Driving seven plus hours north to Sonoma County seemed utterly daunting while passing dusty flat farmland as far as the eye can see in both directions off the Grapevine. The barrages of endless semi-trucks head to toe like train cars and slower drivers in the wrong lane make any trip seem like a bad idea. Breaking up the monotony at a rest stop bathroom, gas … Continue reading My Sonoma: Beyond the Wine

Sweet Raw Power Balls- V, GF

Forget those pricey, sugary, processed, and often unhealthy granola, protein, or otherwise labeled as, energy bars. It’s easy, cost effective, and way healthier to make your own! Whether it’s an after meal sweet, a before and after workout energizer, or just a light “pick-me-up” during the day to keep up the activities with a smile, these savory wholesome nuggets are sure to satisfy. Ingredients: 2 … Continue reading Sweet Raw Power Balls- V, GF

My Nicaragua

Living dual lives in parallel universes calls for a flexible lifestyle and mesh of madness. I love my friends, freedoms, and simple, natural luxuries that exist in both countries. I’ll trade in my tempeh and variety of organic homegrown fruits and veggies for gallo pinto, Ranchitos, and tropical fruits- for weeks, and even months if needed. In one place, it’s the freedom to jump in … Continue reading My Nicaragua

The Red Warty Thing

Naturally, you’re probably thinking, “Whatever that is, I don’t want it!” Contrary to what it sounds like, it isn’t a fictional monster, heinous carbuncle, or STD. It is a fabulous pumpkin that was originally introduced as the Victor Squash by Victorby James J.H. Gregory of Marblehead, MA in 1897. It was a hybrid between an ordinary pumpkin and a red hubbard squash. This old heirloom … Continue reading The Red Warty Thing