Butternut Oat Survival Muffins (with vegan option)

It’s not always the energy needed before a long run that matters. It’s the power needed to survive the rest of the day! After a 10+ mile run, all I can think about is getting food in me as soon as possible and I’ll grab whatever’s at arm’s reach, like my boyfriend’s barbeque chips.   Not necessarily my first choice, or a habit I’d like to … Continue reading Butternut Oat Survival Muffins (with vegan option)

Butternut Squash Breakfast Cookies

What to do with all these butternuts?! Curry, bread, soup, baked, more curry…cookies! My personal reason for calling these “breakfast cookies” is that they are an easier grab ‘n go before a run than gulping down a banana or bowl of oatmeal. They have just the right amount of sugar, carbs, protein, and squash super nutrients to keep me going for miles. Ingredients: 1½ cups … Continue reading Butternut Squash Breakfast Cookies

Fall Figgy Butternut Squash Bread

With sprawling vines springing up with a ripe butternut squash every few feet and crates full of figs being harvested and dehydrated, I was determined to conjure up a recipe that would combine and enhance each other’s sweetness and texture. Being that our homegrown butternuts were born from organic heirloom seeds and our figs were handpicked in our own orchard, the flavors are utterly fresh, … Continue reading Fall Figgy Butternut Squash Bread

Cast Iron Butternut Cobbler

Cast Iron Butternut Cobbler OMG, another butternut squash from the garden! What to do next that isn’t a soup, curry, or roast? I really wanted to do something different and somewhat unconventional with the very last butternut of the summer crop. Lately, with the shockingly bitter cold wind and drizzle clouding out our typical California sunshine, I have been thinking about apple cobbler. Being that … Continue reading Cast Iron Butternut Cobbler