White Beans & Bitter Greens (Bacon or vegan? You choose!)

I didn’t know a thing about chicories and radicchios except that they’re expensive, gourmet, and look pretty. Of course, when R asked me what they’re like, I told him it is all similar to lettuce. Unsuspecting the almost unpalatable raw bitter taste and rather firm texture, R decided to throw a handful of large leafed treviso in his burrito while walking around the garden. The … Continue reading White Beans & Bitter Greens (Bacon or vegan? You choose!)

Getting a Running Start

If you’ve ever thought about running, now’s the time to get started. You can, you can! Here’s my own two cents guide for beginning runners. Getting a Running Start So, you want to start running, eh? Well then, assuming this would be okay with your doctor, you’re hoping to run regularly (not just two times a year!), and you’ve actually seen other people running, let’s … Continue reading Getting a Running Start