Toaster Pastries with Lemon Curd (vegan option)

Too Many Lemons! Toaster Pastries with Lemon Curd (Vegan option) Love toaster pastries? Try making your own! These are much healthier and tastier, especially if made entirely from scratch. They can be eaten right away or frozen to keep fresh for another day. Lemons make such wonderful desserts! #ilovelemons! Ingredients: Store bought pie crust dough or make your own (Vegan Pie Crust) jar of lemon … Continue reading Toaster Pastries with Lemon Curd (vegan option)

Luscious Lavender Lemonade

Our Eureka lemon tree is more like a huge Chia Pet needing to be snipped and coiffured regularly due to its continuous sprouts of oblong, yellow fruit. One large country kitchen fruit basket is a cornucopia of lemons overflowing onto my work area. Occasional runaway citruses roll like escaping tumbleweeds onto kitchen counters, to the floor, causing havoc under a cook’s foot, on more than … Continue reading Luscious Lavender Lemonade

Pink Lemondoodles

The Pink Lemondoodle is a beautiful mouthwatering cookie made with our Eureka lemon zest and dyed with our beet simple syrup. Since we harvest a whole lot of nutritious beets throughout the year, it’s always fun, yet challenging, creating new recipes. When our lemon trees started producing ripe fruits, I wondered how I could combine them with beets to make something pretty and sweet. Pink lemonade … Continue reading Pink Lemondoodles