Sweet Raw Power Balls- V, GF

Forget those pricey, sugary, processed, and often unhealthy granola, protein, or otherwise labeled as, energy bars. It’s easy, cost effective, and way healthier to make your own! Whether it’s an after meal sweet, a before and after workout energizer, or just a light “pick-me-up” during the day to keep up the activities with a smile, these savory wholesome nuggets are sure to satisfy. Ingredients: 2 … Continue reading Sweet Raw Power Balls- V, GF

Blue Hokkaido Squash (Blue Kuri)

The Blue Hokkaido Squash, also known as the Blue Kuri, is a beautiful Japanese Kabocha type squash with its bluish hue, and flattened, lightly ribbed globes. Our largest kuris have been almost 10 pounds with a diameter just shy of a foot. An average kuri weighs in between 3-5 pounds.   They are prolific producers with running vines. The orange flesh is thick, hearty, and very … Continue reading Blue Hokkaido Squash (Blue Kuri)

Seed Starter & Potting Mix Recipes

Seed Starter Mix Recipe We started making our own seed starting mix considering that the small 1.5 cubic bag of organic mix costs $8. Making your own seed starting mix is easy, cost effective, and minimizes the hassle of running out and having to buy more. Try out our recipe- it works for us! Seed Starter Mix Ingredients 2 parts peat moss 1 part perlite … Continue reading Seed Starter & Potting Mix Recipes