Survival & Cooking: My Puerto Rican Legacies

“Don’t eat tortillas. They make you fat!” If my great grandmother knew I loved tortillas and tortilla chips more than tostones, she’d be turning in her grave. I can’t help it, I’m half Mexican! But, my other half is Puerto Rican. America, her name derived from her father, a merchant marine (obviously), was from San Juan, Puerto Rico. A poor country girl with twelve siblings, … Continue reading Survival & Cooking: My Puerto Rican Legacies

Simple Puerto Rican Sofrito

Simple Puerto Rican Sofrito A good sofrito is the foundation of most Puerto Rican dishes. It is the reason for the irresistible Caribbean flavors and aromas that came from my great grandmother’s cottage kitchen. The smell and taste of the sofrito base are a memorable part of my childhood, family gatherings, and home. It exudes love and life. And it can be made so simply … Continue reading Simple Puerto Rican Sofrito