Red Hot Chile Sauce

Every summer, our Serrano and jalapeno plants are decked out with hundreds of shiny green and red ornaments waiting to be harvested. The harvest is ridiculously abundant with these two varieties, so besides making fresh salsa every few days, we have to find another quick and easy way to use our chiles so they don’t end up rotting off the plants. Since I don’t want … Continue reading Red Hot Chile Sauce

New-Mex Enchiladas with Fresh Chimayo Chile Sauce

R and I share a love for authentic Mexican cuisine…at least, that’s what I thought! Luscious red Chimayo chiles dotted a garden bed, signaling perfect timing for making enchilada sauce. I handpicked 12 beautiful specimens and got down to my Mexican roots in the kitchen with Calexico playing in the background. An hour and a half later: Perfect sauce. Perfect chicken. I was proud and … Continue reading New-Mex Enchiladas with Fresh Chimayo Chile Sauce