Bloomin’ Chokes

I have been utterly fascinated with our artichoke plants, my first time growing them ever. For months, I’ve been carefully lifting the massive thistly leaves, discovering tiny new buds and harvesting the more robust heads staked above on the ends of fat meaty stalks. A few of these plants tower over six feet now and they truly are a marvel- as witnessed by neighbors peering over the fence taking a daily gander, making sure we’re well aware of their great affinity for artichoke hearts.

One day I noticed a couple of the artichokes widening up so much, I decided not to pick them to see what they would do. Day by day, they would open wider and wider, first revealing the furry yellow orange center, then amazingly bright purple tentacle like sprouts. These flowering chokes became my main attraction out in the garden as I observed and photographed them every day in their last moments of blooming.


When I saw a few others begin the blooming process and decided these two could bloom no more, I stole them from their bed and arranged them in a water vase. From farm to table, now I can enjoy the florets indoors and out.

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