Getting a Running Start

If you’ve ever thought about running, now’s the time to get started. You can, you can! Here’s my own two cents guide for beginning runners. Getting a Running Start So, you want to start running, eh? Well then, assuming this would be okay with your doctor, you’re hoping to run regularly (not just two times a year!), and you’ve actually seen other people running, let’s … Continue reading Getting a Running Start

Yoga is to Running as Beer is to Coffee

Yoga and running compliment each other like coffee and beer…bear with me here. I began practicing yoga regularly about a year ago, after acquiring yet another running injury- so cliché! I had plantar fasciitis, a pulled tendon under the arch of my foot, that couldn’t be ignored it and run off like all my other injuries. Every morning, I would hobble out the bedroom door … Continue reading Yoga is to Running as Beer is to Coffee